Thursday, November 11, 2010

Simple Craft Project for the Kids

It's the rainy season ... when the rain just go on like forever and the day gloomy and desolate, the kids would be housebound with nothing exciting to do.

For a starter, give these a try ...

~ Decorative Pencil Holder ~

We could make simple things such as a pretty pencil holder, using a used tin can (carefully check there is no sharp edges on the can), glue stick, safety scissor and printed wallpaper (try using these fabulous FREE downloadable collection of printed wallpapers from (thank you Bimbi for giving me this link!):

Choice of 10 free wallpapers

Sample Wallpaper

You could ask your kid to participate by cutting the wallpaper about an inch taller than the can. Let him/her glue the inside of the wallpaper then wrap it around the can, so the ends overlap a bit.  Cut off any excess wallpaper and let dry.

Voila!  :)

~ Printable Characters ~

Visit Disney's Family Fun to print this charming printable Elf character.  Cut and paste and there you go.

There are other exciting characters to try as well, such as the Ultimate Dad, Santa, Witch, Dracula, WerewolfSwamp Monster and a truckload of other fun-tastic projects for the whole family.

So let's get busy, shall we?   :)

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