Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beads, Beads, Beads ..

It's been awhile since I started beading again after Nafisa has learned to walk (and go wherever I go, lol!) - sort of miss the excitement to help create pretty things into this world:

My daughter, Dinda, has been kind enough to 'lend' her hand for me to showcase this one :-) I love how the shiny purple glass bead reflects the morning light ...

I made this a loooong time ago. A set combination of purple glass metal beads, shell beads, brass and one little swarovsky crystal at the clasp (coffee table not included :-))

Now this one is one of my favorite chain bracelets that I made - no matter how plain my outfit is, it has always become the perfect accessory to upgrade it to another level. Love the elegant color combination!

This one has the same color pallete as the previous one, gorgeous combination of elegant colors mixed with antique metal spacers. Actually, I sold it to a good friend of mine at a good price! :) 

This is the simple teak cupboard where I stash my bead drawers, craft books, cook books and things.  I can hear them calling through the glass window and my, the lure is getting stronger :-)  I still have a collection of swarovsky crystal beads that I haven't used yet, maybe this is the perfect time to let them  shine and do their stuff? ....Oh yeah, baby! Let's bring it on!
(Notice the white plaster bird statue on top of the cupboard?  I made it using a mold I bought from an Ebay  seller in England - I have another mold of a small duck statue that I haven't used yet. Another project waiting to happen! Oh, so many things to do, so little time!)

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