Sunday, November 14, 2010

Free Manga Tutorials

Manga manga manga ... 
That's all my daughters Dinda and Zadia care about now.
Both of them really love to draw - you could probably could still see their early drawings on our bedroom walls in Muri Salim - that is, if the owner hasn't repainted the house yet, LOL ...  The drawings are still shaky but with more practice on the manga basics, I think both girls have lots of potential - well, hopefully they will not get bored and bail out prematurely - as always been the case with their other fads.
And it is because of this reason also that I will not enroll them to a Manga school, well, at least not for now.  Actually, there are quite a few of them located in Jakarta:

Jl.Kemang Raya No.14B Jakarta Selatan
Tel.&Fax             +62-21-7181683      

seven artland
Jl. A.M. Sangaji no. 48
Jakarta Pusat 10130
            +62-21 68802423      
            +62-21 7151 6041      
            +62-812 8130220       (Ririn)
            +62-815 86851979       (Shirley)
info (AT)

Ma-Ta Art School
English First Plaza Pondok Indah
Jakarta Selatan

For a starter, I think it's better for the girls to master the manga basics first.  And thanks to Mr. Google and the Internet, after doing a bit of searching, I came across this site 'Manga Tutorials' which offers 'tons of manga drawing instructions from basics to publishing ranging from articles, step-by-steps, references, and video tutorials'  and BEST OF ALL, they are free, non membership exclusive and covers a wide range of topics.
To give you an example, here is a tutorial on how to draw the different emotional expression, posted by Rio:

The girls were so excited when I handed them the print out and quickly did a few sketches of their own.
I promise that I will search for more (free) manga tutorials, but, since it's already late (yawn) and I could barely open my eyes (blink blink), I will continue my search tomorrow and surely add to this post. Good night everyone :)          (zzzz  zzzz  zzzzzzzzz) ... 

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