Monday, November 15, 2010

Make Your Blog a Work of Art!

Today is Monday.

The super weird weather slapped a lot of sunshine (for me to quickly hang our laundry) in the morning and quite suddenly drenched bucketfuls of rain (that send me grabbing the just sun-dried laundry in total panic) in the afternoon. Pheww.

I wished deep, deep down in my heart for any possible thunderstorms to stay away, at least for today. Two fried PCs, a comatose decoder and one TV were the painful reminders of the last 3 storms that had passed this way.

Earlier today my dear Mom gave me a visit to drop some souvenirs that my eldest sister had bought from the States. Ooooo, I really love the Americana keyholder and antique original oil painting that she got me from a junk mall!  My, I can't wait to see what other treasures that she brought in that over-sized luggage of hers.

[This sister of mine loves to travel (and shop) and had gathered so many antiques in the house. Her dream is to have a gallery-like home some day and I can tell that she's not very far away from fulfilling that dream.]

The sweet roasted chicken is done, the rice cooked, waiting for three ravenous children after they went home from school. Hmmm, what to do, what to do ....

To pass away the time, I started browsing again .. and accidentally stumbled into one particular blog called The Shabby Blogs by Megan (US).

My heart almost stopped.

Well, not really.

I mean, look at all the beautiful, beautiful background designs, buttons, blinkies and headers that she has! (Oh, did I mention they're for free?)

Here are some examples of the buttons and blinkies from The Shabby Blogs that I like:

or this one ...

What a generous soul, God bless her!

Notice that my blog background is different now? Or my header, or the cute buttons and blinkies that I had just added a couple of minutes ago?  Felt like I was trying different new outfits at a mall. I'm currently using 'Beautiful Dreamer' background combined with 'Bouquet' header, both by Vera Lim. Drop dead gorgeous!

I know, I know, I still have to work on the header ... I don't know how to integrate it into that small frame in the header yet. One step at a time, Nuning ... one step at a time ...  I'm so excited I had goosebumps all over!

Well?  Your turn. Time to get brave and spice up your blog with some new clothes ...  :)


  1. Hi, I just happened upon your blog and I love your blinkies and background.
    Very cute! I'm going to follow you! Am I the first? Stop by my blog for a visit! Nice to meet you!

  2. Hi Sandy, thanks for stopping by .. Yes, you're my first follower, thank you! I'll be visiting your blog now, get the tea ready :)) Nice to meet you too!